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15th July 2024 
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Counsellor specifically trained to work with Adolescents in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

Your adolescent is struggling or feels upset, lonely, angry or confused?
And says no one understands, not even you and nothing has helped...
As parents you are left feeling helpless, hopeless, angry or worried about
your teenager and dont know what to do to help or manage the emotional or
behavioural difficulties.

Then working with a COUNSELLOR/PSYCHOTHERAPIST with a specialism in ADOLESCENTS could help your teenager with either specific issues or generalised behaviours. I am an experienced therapist working now in private practice but previously within the NHS Children and adolescent mental health team and therefore have extensive experience of working with young people with various emotional and behavioural difficulties including depression, anxiety, aggression, loss and self harm.

Adolescent specific counselling looks both at the difficulties commonly experienced by this age group and helps teenagers to make sense of why they are feeling the way they are, and develop other strategies so that change is possible.

It works by offering some time-out away from family and friends
... To explore their thoughts and feelings
... To understand what is happening and feel different
... To have a space to be heard and feel understood

Most often the counselling sessions are for the adolescent alone but on occasion it is helpful to extend the work to include the family. By adolescents attending and working with a counsellor, you and your family can once again find harmony and improvements in relationships and emotional worlds. If you have an adopted or fostered adolescent I offer an attachment based therapy working with past trauma and developed by Dan Hughes a psychologist in the USA. This technique is known as Dyadic Developmental Therapy and does included the foster or adoptive parents in sessions.

My name is Lynne Davis and I had been working with adolescents with emotional and behavioural difficulties for over 9 years in the NHS prior to setting up my own counselling practice in Surrey for teenagers. I am committed to providing counselling and psychotherapy to adolescents in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment so that both the adolescents and their families can return to living in harmony with each other.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy for both adolescents and adults in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to live life more fully.

My adolescent counselling practice is accessible from surrounding areas of surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Contact me NOW, Lynne Davis, for information about adolescent counselling or to arrange an initial meeting email